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Red and Green Chile Candles

It's our official state question- Red or Green? Why settle for one when you can have both? 

Every year as fall approaches, the streets of our cities and towns are filled with the wonderful aroma of Hatch green chile roasting by the bushel, and kitchens everywhere lure you with the sweet fragrance of red chile recipes-  home cooking New Mexico style!  We must have had a million requests to "somehow get those smells into a candle". 

You'll be happy to know we've done just that. So celebrate our year-round love of red and green chile in your own home with the newest line of our candles.

But buyer beware: Regardless of how authentic they smell, you should resist the temptation to try eating them!

Three-Wick Red and Green Chile Pottery Candles
You'll love the smell of red or green chile filling your house and the beautiful hand made pottery created by a New Mexican artisan. Approx. 4" in diameter by 2" tall.

Round Red or Green Chile Pottery Candle
A smaller version of our three-wick pottery candle, but just as lovely when it comes to authentic chile fragrance! Approx. 3" in diameter by 2.5" tall.

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Red or Green Chile 3 oz. Jumbo Votive
These rustic votives deliver amazing scent throw and burn for 18-20 hours in ideal conditions. Stock up today!

$2.95 ea.               OR                 12 for $29.95
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